What are the underlying Autism Spectrum Disorder causes?

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Some possible risk factors for autism spectrum disorder include:
  1. Genetic illnesses
  2. low birth weight 
  3. a history of viral infections in the mother
  4. being the child of elderly parents
  5. Close family member have specific genetic autism variant
  6. metabolic imbalances 
  7. Pregnancy medications or problems

Is it genetic?

Autism may inherit this condition. It appears that a combination of genes causes ASD. In some children, autism spectrum disorder can be linked to a genetic condition such as Rett syndrome or fragile X syndrome.Genetic variations (mutations) may raise the likelihood of autism spectrum disorder in other children. Some genetic mutations appear to be inherited, while others appear to develop spontaneously.

How is autism diagnosed?

Diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder can be challenging because there is no medical test, such as a blood test, to diagnose the illness. Doctors make a diagnosis based on the child’s developmental trajectory and activity. Pediatricians, on the other hand, are the initial step in the autism diagnosing process. Following that, a child psychologist, speech-language pathologist, and occupational therapist can confirm this syndrome.

When should you see a doctor?

Autistic symptoms frequently occur early in childhood, when there are apparent deficits in spoken language and social connection. So, if you don’t see these symptoms in your child, you should see a doctor right once.


  1. The Picture Exchange Communication System
    This is graphical treatment, but instead of picture cards, it use symbols. Your toddler learns to communicate by asking questions and using special symbols.
  2. Occupational counselling 
    This type of treatment teaches your child living skills such as eating and clothing oneself, bathing, and understanding how to interact with others. The skills they acquire are intended to enable them live as independently as possible.
  3. Cognitive Integration Counselling 
    If things like bright lights, certain sounds, or the sensation of being touched easily irritate your child, this type of counseling can help them learn to live life in a normal way.

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