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Empowering Individuals with Disabilities through Love, Courage, and Strength

iHriday is Gujarat’s first professional care home for differently abled children and adults. 
I am able, not disabled and I am everyone’s heart.

“i-Hriday” where I stand for  I am able, not disabled and I am everyone’s heart. Every child whether he/she is normal or abnormal they are attached with our heart and that is why Hriday so we will take care of every child by our heart.

Red colour stands for symbol of love, courage, confidence and strength.

Our Values

Mission ,Vision and Values


To empower & enrich the lives of Special Needs by removing Barriers & realize potential through person-centred active support that creates choice opportunities & skills for Life.


To Relate & Emphasis on quality of therapeutic support & services with a holistic approach for the Special Needs to put them back on the right neurological developmental track so they became self - sustained.


We are guided by the values of Respect, Trust, Honesty, and Innovation. Our operations are built on Integrity and Authenticity, and we celebrate Diversity and Inclusion. Our top priority is the Safety and well-being of all, and we strive to empower each disabled person by promoting their potential and supporting their decision-making and self-advancement