Weekends Care or Vacation Care

What we focus on

Weekends Care or Vacation Care

Parents are clearly the experts on caring for their own children and should have the responsibility of preparing the respite provider to meet the individual care needs of their child. This is true when choosing and training your own respite provider as well as preparing providers who work for a program. You will need to provide basic information as well as more specific information about your child’s unique needs. You will probably need to meet with your provider in advance to discuss your child’s needs or to provide hands on training. It is also helpful to provide written plans and instructions that are well organized and easy for us to reference at a moment’s notice. The following list outlines important for us to understand your loved one’s needs

Emergency Information

  • Physician’s name and phone number
  • Hospital address and phone number
  • Who to contact in an emergency


  • List of medications/dosage information
  • Medication side effects that may be observed
  • Instructions for administering medication

Adaptive Equipment

  • How is it used?
  • When it is used?
  • Is supervision required?


  • What behaviours may be a challenge?
  • How would you like provider to handle these behaviours?
  • Is there any behaviour that your child may engage in that could be dangerous?


  • Does your child require a special diet?
  • Food allergies/reactions
  • Does your child feed him/herself?
  • What type of assistance is required?
  • Food likes and dislikes
  • Special equipment/special food preparation


  • Usual bedtime/naptime
  • Is your child resistant at bedtime?
  • Night-time fears (dark, storms, noises etc.)
  • Sleep difficulties (waking, falling asleep, nightmares, etc)


  • Does your child need assistance in the bathroom?
  • What type of assistance is required?
  • If your child wears diapers, are there any special instructions?


  • Does your child use any special communication equipment or techniques?
  • Is your child verbal?
  • Is it likely to be difficult to understand your child?

Emotional Needs

  • Does your child have any specific fears?
  • Is separation anxiety likely?
  • Best ways to comfort your child
  • Would you like to be contacted if your child is upset/
  • Crying?

Household Information

  • Favourite games, toys, movies, TV, computer use/rules
  • Location of clothing, food, diapers, first aid


  • Is a seizure likely to occur during respite?
  • What happens before, during, after a seizure?
  • Procedures provider should follow
  • Should the provider contact you?