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Vacation Care

If you have a child with special needs, you might feel a little apprehensive about sending them along to a school holidays. During school time you know your child’s needs are catered for, but what happens during vacation or holidays? iHriday has specially designed a vacation care programs for special needs.

Our vacation care program is designed to meet the needs of children experiencing a disability and their parents / carers’ / significant others needs during the holiday periods of a school year.

iHriday aim is to provide for, and nurture the individual needs of the child through a variety of fun and engaging activities. Our dedicated vacation care program is specifically designed to support our parents to build their independence and encourage their individuality to shine and to meet their goals.

However, before enrolment we do require detailed information about your child’s individual needs in order to understand what support and assistance may be required by your child and whether this can be met with our existing resources.